Walk Into Clouds


We climb the steady slopes of Langeberg mountain and the wind pushes the clouds down to greet us; a gathering in the sky. This mystical feeling of meeting between humanity and cloud is furthered by the evolving landscape. Chunks of sandstone jut out of the earth, like spikes along the back of a dragon, teeth from a broken jaw, or headstones. Everything becomes obscured though the wind and cloud. We could be anywhere, nowhere. Our hiking party encircles a map so that we may all understand the hidden landscape and prepare for our walk through the fleeting light. The temperature drops, the sun fadeds, the wind is constant. Our group spreads thin in the limited visibility and we walk until near darkness.


walk into clouds fog landscape-2

walk into clouds fog landscape-3

walk into clouds fog landscape-4

walk into clouds fog landscape-5

walk into clouds fog landscape-6

walk into clouds fog landscape-7

walk into clouds fog landscape-8