AUDIO STORY: To Walk Into The Storm


“You are privileged to walk this.”

It’s amazing how such a simple statement ripped me apart. Give me rain, wind, and hail — I’ll persist! But what happens when I can’t answer why I persist?

With all the preparations and work to be able to walk the Rim of Africa, you’d think I’d know why I wanted to do it. I wrote entire grant applications and sponsorship proposals explaining why I wanted to hike the Rim of Africa! But those reasons don’t matter when you are consistently quasi-starved, exhausted, beat-up, and facing a storm in the mountains. You gotta find a new reasons to continue forward.

“To Walk Into The Storm” An Audio Story I’m trying something new and open to feedback. Make sure to browse the photos below…

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Looking east along the farm valley in the direction of Barrydale, which would be seated at the bottom of the mountains seen in grey.


A green-highlighter line, my estimated route for two days of walking from Goedgeloof Hut to Barrydale. My morning began to the left, at the triangle drawn in black marker, and ended to the right, where the green highlighter route crossed the red road.


Topography close up: the contour lines (each signifying 20 meters of elevation gain) of my morning climb.


The way forward, rough on the ankles and for navigating. It gets even more fun when the rocks are wet.


The storm’s first arrival, just after departing from the Goedgeloof Hut. I hid under a boulder near here and then eventually retreated down.


This is my trail — don’t you see it? I spend most of my time on this trail wondering if I am still on it (and many times I wasn’t).


I found my heaven, in the mountains above Barrydale. I could have stayed out here for days.


The first sign of wicked things coming my way… the wind ripping clouds over the mountain’s edge.


After this photo, my iPhone, camera, and audio recorder of mine died. It was just me, the mountain, and that howling wind.

  • Christopher John Davies

    ‘Jay’…you’re privileged to be privileged….like this format…(more dramatic)

    • tboltkid

      Chris! You’re about to see me come back to your backyard all over again! Thanks for the feedback :-)