Sunburns & Wear and Tear


Lesson to be learned: protect yourself from the elements and conditions of your walk — cause the Rim of Africa ain’t your typical walk in the park.

first sunburns
What had started as pinkness by the end of the day turned to little bumps, blisters, and then finally into peeling, sensitive skin. Ouch. The sun out here is unrelenting, even on days covered by clouds, and I was learning to really cover up.

To protect from sunburns, every day I walked with a full-brim hat, long sleeves, and typically some form of leg covering. My face, hands, and back of the neck were covered with SPF 50 sunscreen. But apparently that wasn’t enough for my hands, especially because I always had them out for photographing. After my hands peeled (in one day) I started to wear light, nylon gloves to protect them. It’s odd being almost completely covered from head to toe on hot days, but it is better to walk warm than to get burned.

Also – I was lucky that my legs were not so torn up, but let Peter’s legs show you how rough and unforgiving the bush can be after a single day of forgetting to cover up. You might also notice that his feet are covered in tape to help prevent blisters. One tough dude, having a tough go on the Rim of Africa.

legs cut from hiking