My Successful National Geographic Young Explorer Grant Application (& Pre-Application)


Know someone under 26 years old that wants to travel and do something awesome? Great—point them to the National Geographic Young Explorers Grant.

NGYEGs are investments made into first-time or young explorers that need the initial boost to make their dreams into reality.  I look back and see the opportunities in my own life that have only come to fruition as a NatGeo Young Explorer. And having met other Young Explorers, I can see the exponential, long-term impact these grants have to launch careers in a diverse range of media production and conservation.

I’ve decided to post my completed, successfully-funded National Geographic Young Explorer Grant Application online to help others join in. Below are my pre-application and full application. Notice how my project changed in-between submitting the pre-grant and full application.


If file fails to load, view or download document here.

I’ve also written a post offering some quick Advice for Applying for a National Geographic Young Explorers Grant. If you have questions or would like feedback, contact me.

Notice: The Rim of Africa Multimedia Trail Journal was a project funded by a $5,000 NGEYG in 2012. Grant guidelines, questions, or rules may have changed, please reference the NGS website for current grant information.

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    Savvy discussion . Just to add my thoughts if people need a Family Group Sheet , I filled out and esigned a sample form here