Spread of Invasive Species


Skeletons of hakea bend over young saplings, illustrating the massive problem of invasive species in the Cape Floral Kingdom.

These dead, adult hakea trees are done with their destruction to the natural flora of the Cape Floral Kingdom, but their impact has already been made. In a previous post, you can read more about the impact from invasive plants and how to remove them.

To help illustrate just how difficult it is to manage the spread of these invasive plants, I’ve edited the below photos to show the image normal and then the image with just the alien invasive plants remaining in color.

The representation of this is more accurate than not—once hakea starts to take over a mountain side, all other plant forms turn grey and die, the soil turns grey with the lack of nutrients, and all other life leaves. Attempts to remove massive amounts of hakea at once can also resort to poisoning all plants, burning everything repeatedly, or bulldozing entire areas multiple times.

cape-town-invasive-species-01 cape-town-invasive-species-02 cape-town-invasive-species-03