Now the Real Adventure Begins


I keep telling myself “It’s as simple as walking from Montagu to George…”  but I know this might me impossible. The mountains could become impassible with lots of dense vegetation, or not enough water to fuel me on the mountain ridges. The weather could be too hot, I could go crazy being alone for a couple days at a time, or I just get sick of it all and hitch back to the nearest city. Who knows?!

This is true adventure.

I’ll be setting out for 27 days of walking to find a walkable passage through the mountains connecting the towns of Montagu and George to complete the expansion of the Rim of Africa Trail. Many areas of this have never been walked before by anyone I’ve known. Other parts are a mix of jeep-track, trail, or farm road. Some sections of it I will walk alone, other parts I will be joined by trail leaders from the Rim of Africa. I’ll be carrying anywhere up to 6 days of food at a time, and carrying good amounts of water in areas of water scarcity.  It’s been a lot of planning and coordinating (by myself and others) to make this journey possible, and I think we are all going to be happy when I start walking!

I must thank all of those who have seen me along the various part of this journey- from my early grant application days to now, from my closest friends and family to complete strangers that offered support. This is the expedition of my dreams, and it’s really happening!