Live-Blogging Fail


Live tweets, photos, and video from expedition teams on far away mountain peaks now the norm — but not here on the Rim of Africa.

It was day 12, time to let followers and my mother know I was alive and OK. But after climbing up a tall boulder mound, I’d watch the blue progress bar grow, grow, grow… and then stop, forever stunted somewhere around 95%. I’d move to another high rock, refresh the page, and raise my hands in the air, holding the iPhone *just so*, in hopes that the enigmatic antenna god would see my digital prayer, and post this photo to Facebook already.

It never worked.

Dumbstruck that the top of Mount Everest has a constant supply of 4G cell data but my much shorter mountains in the farmlands outside of Cape Town had nothing, I gave up on the idea of blogging my journey as I traveled and turned off the iPhone.

BEST DECISION I EVER MADE. No Gmail, no Facebook, and no Twitter

just me and these mountains.