Last Week of Walking!


I am back in Roman’s Kraal under the warm hospitality of Chris Davies, a mountain-loving farmer along our route. He is very excited about the growth of the Rim of Africa (and the fact that it can pass through his very large ‘back garden’) and I am very thankful for him ‘rescuing’ me last week of the side of the road and putting me up for a couple days in a warm house as the weather was absolutely terrible.

At 4AM yesterday morning Galeo Saintz (co-founder of the Rim of Africa), Claudia Rauber (of Phakalane) and I set off along the trail where I left off in the Garcia Nature Reserve to walk our way back to Roman’s Kraal. Yesterday the weather was cloudy but held, allowing us to walk about 30kms in the day. Sometime during the night it started to rain, and from 6AM onward today, Galeo, Claduia, and I battled the rain and bundu-bashed (bush-whacked) our way another 25km-ish to Chris’s farm. The entire day we were drenched head-to-toe, our shoes squelching and our ‘water-proof’ gear just somehow not living up to its name.

But a huge fire, hot bath, and coffee do wonders for lifting spirits, and getting to know the landowners along route certainly feels rewarding.

Tomorrow I start walking East again – starting my LAST WEEK of walking! Huzzah! I am excited about the idea of finally reaching George and hope to be able to drop my backpack and run straight into the ocean for a swim. And then I want a large pizza, a comfortable bed, and a bottle of wine.

At some point in the next week, Claudia will trade-out with Ivan Groenhof so that he can join me to walk the last couple days into George. Together, we will find the ending point for the Rim of Africa Mountain Passage, and tie the last segment into the dream he conceived of seven years ago. Very exciting times!

UPDATE on LIVE tracking!

I have changed how I am updating my location – it is now more up-to-the-minute and gives all sorts of cool information! Check it out!! (the first movements you will see will happen Dec 5) (Again- Chris deserves a HUGE thanks for pulling this together!)