Langeberg Flora


Walking through the fynbos surrounding Simonskloof and moving along the high ridge line of Langeberg, we left the lower hills of renosterveld and moved back into the mountain fynbos we were familiar with. The difference was easily spotted in the succulent plants, and other fragile, soft flowers. The mountain fynbos was just as tough and dry as ever.


flora fynbos langeberg-23

Two plants were really remarkable for me. The everlastings, with their fragile, paper-like petals and diversity of colors were unreal. In a similar disbelief, I thought I was insane while looking up at Oldenburgia paradoxa clinging impossibly to the side of a kloof. I imagined them as a flower-covered shell of some mountain creature, but later ended up climbing over them to help get over some tricky parts of our walk. They were tough and absolutely bizarre!

flora fynbos langeberg-28