Ideal Morning of Hiking


The morning sun hit my face bright and early after a night sleeping out under the stars.

I’m so sore from yesterday’s climb my toes are even tight and need stretching before I get out of my sleeping bag. As I move to stretch out my toes I feel my body slowly coming back to life. I imagine I didn’t move at all throughout the night: knocked out, stone cold.

But this morning is a new day and looking picture perfect. We find the walking easy as we pass through soft grasses and climb gentle rises on the mountain. I take my time behind the group to take photos and meander in silence.




Ivan leads us along the mountain, slowly making our way down. We follow small animal trails discovered in the grass. At times they are well worn, easy to spot highways. Other times they prove difficult to track, erratically disappearing around rocks or in the middle of open areas.



I took a break to enjoy the pinkness of my current spot. While I was resting, I closed my eyes and just listened to the sounds of the bees buzzing over everything. There was even a surprising lone baboon bark! Listen below :-)

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The morning is refreshing, quiet and peaceful. The landscape, the weather, and our group synchronizing in the best way.