Hiding From Wind


Wind can give you headaches. It peels you naked then removes your skin and muscles and grabs your bones. It shakes you to ruin your balance and concentration. It bores into your every thought on a relentless siege of the core of your being.

I never knew wind headaches until I moved to Cape Town. Hours of constant wind, days actually, maybe weeks. All you can do is try to find shelter and ignore the sounds of the wind against the world. But in the mountains what can you do? There is no shelter here. You lay in the grass as low as you can, you pull yourself close, and you find a happy, still place in your mind. Then you bask. I became better at this mental vacation as we walked along the Langeberg, frequently under assault from wind. This photo of Johann called me into that moment as soon as I found it again. View full size for more detail.