Hex Valley High Traverse


The Rim of Africa’s Hex Valley High Traverse is an epic walk in the mountains.

From the outskirts of Ceres to Simonskloof Mountain Retreat, the Rim of Africa connects you to family-owned farms and high mountain passes. In 2012, it proved to be very challenging and impossible with the weather we were presented with. I’ve pulled together a list of post from the Hex Valley High Traverse – dive in to get a feel of what is out there.


The epic River Crossing  that greeted us as soon as we started walking.


Hiking From Ceres – an epic climb after the river crossing.


An Ideal Morning of Hiking – a great day of walking right after the rough day starting this section.


Walking through areas of Hakea brought attention the impacts from Spread of Invasive Species.

03 old farm house western cape south africa

Walking the Farmlands of the Western Cape brought us into the local communities living along side of the mountain.

cape of storms south africa-7

As we walked from the farms back into the mountains, we keep a close eye on for typical Clouds Before Storms to be able to forecast the foul weather.  We decided to turn around and skip that section of mountains – a wise choice. From there we skipped ahead to Simonskloof Mountain Retreat, but I had walked most of what we missed before, on a scouting weekend with Ivan and Galeo spring of 2012. 


My Scouting Weekend on the Rim of Africa brought me to the mountains of De Doorns and introduced me to what it was like to walk on the Rim of Africa — namely that you had to be ready for real adventure.