Goedgeloof Hut



Uninspiring but utilitarian — this shelter may not be what I wanted, but it offered what I needed.

Shelter from the sun and space to spread out my gear without losing items in the bush — that’s what I needed. The day turned hot as I left the mountain and descended towards the valley floor. It’s incredible how the small change in elevation can effect the temperature! Happily inside the shelter, able to stay cool and hydrated, I unpacked most of my pack to rearrange my gear to prep for a food/gear pickup the next morning. As you can see below, I was running low on food and ready for a restock.

last of my supplies

What Goedgeloof Hut lacks in the actual shelters (including the old ones — tiny, full of broken bunks, and no windows) it makes up with the nature surrounding it. Just a few steps from the shelter are two reservoirs of water for the farm property below and a collection of pines running the dam walls. I spent most of my afternoon here, reading and listening to the wind through the pine branches.



Also, not far up the trail towards the Proteavallei Hut, I found a fantastic waterfall and pool just off the trail. The water sprayed down the entire side of the rock face, gently reaching the bottom and running from the rocks with barely a disturbance to the water. COLD, but worth it from the days heat. Also, check out the frog I found moving around underwater.


frog underwater


In the end my stay at Goedgeloof Hut was nice, but I made the trees pictured above into my shelter rather than the provided hut. I couldn’t bring myself to sleep inside of it, feeling cocooned inside when the weather was perfectly fine. These pines may not ecologically deserve to be here, but I excused it and felt like I was camping back home under the pine trees of southern Maryland.