End of the Langeberg


After 27 days of walking, the walk of the first half of the Rim of Africa, from the Cederberg to Montagu, was complete!


The last few hours of hiking were all downhill, from the high ridge to the valley floor. As our path wove our way forward along the twisted waterways falling down the mountain, I felt engulfed in the mountain side, watching the folds of the Cape Fold Mountains rise above me once again. The tall kloof walls above me seemed natural, it was time to come down. The air became warm and alive, moist from all the vegetation and forest hiding deep into this kloof. Towards the bottom I could hear a dull roar — I knew the sound instinctually and almost ran along the path towards it. An ice-cold waterfall in the belly of the mountain. It was our last chance to bathe in the mountain’s waters and it was just as wild (freezing!) as I hoped. After that, the trail seemed over. Time to celebrate!

Sharing with me in this accomplishment of walking the entire public route of the Rim of Africa was Michelle, a South African in love with adventure (she’s the second to the right in the photo below). But all of us celebrated the achievement of walking the Langeberg High Ridge Line of the Rim of Africa, after overcoming so much difficult weather and terrain. Our last evening under the starts together, sharing food and laughing now that all of the trouble was behind us, cemented the feeling of accomplishment and bonds of friendship in all of us.


the end-2