Back of a Bakkie


I find myself in the back of a bakkie (pick-up truck) because I failed to remember that I needed to plan a ride to the start of my adventure. Oops. But riding in the back provides me with space, both to reflect on life and to realized I need to continue last-minute adjustments to my gear.


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bakkie gear sorting

This blue bin is all of my food and gear resupplies for the next 27 days. Every day of food in a ziplock bag, all the ziplocks arranged into food-drops in plastic shopping bags, all numbered and named with when and where they are to be delivered. I have never done this before — to plan a month of my life in meticulous detail. Best of all, I know that I will not follow my careful schedule, it would be impossible.

But this is how an adventure should start, with unexpected bumps and resulting laughter as I continue to make a mess of my gear. I wrote in my journal that night “But by now I am trusting and flowing with it — everything will work out and this will be just fine. If everything was sorted, the trip would be so boring!!