Aptera fusca, Table Mountain Cockroach

There are some animals I would have never expected to encounter in the wild, and this cockroach was one of them.

My sixth-grade biology classroom had some cockroaches just like this. I remember them hissing at students, hiding under debris, and defiantly crawling all over the place. They lived inside a glass fish tank, filled with natural bedding and found toys and covered with a mesh lid. That was their world.

My foot was about to come down on top of this lil’ guy when I was slapped by the notion that they can survive outside of those fish-tank worlds… It wasn’t so much a doubt in their ability to survive, but my sheer lack of trying to imagine them truly existing on this planet, being a real animal and more than just a classroom pet-thing.

My perception of our natural, wild world didn’t have a space for them… until I came to out to visit it. 

  • Christopher John Davies

    Jay, although these are termed TM cockroaches they exist in absolute pristine paradise unlike their namesakes thatinfest the sewers and filth of our “civilised” world….