Team Members

Jay Simpson, Principal Investigator

As media creator and activist, I like to use stories to share experiences and reshape our understanding of the world. I created this expedition to turn my work towards protecting one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever experienced and to help local youth in the Western Cape of South Africa learn about this globally significant region.

I have always been an outdoors enthusiast, with years of experiences backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing, orienteering, and more.  After completing degrees in Anthropology and Filmmaking in 2009, I spent more than a year traveling from Cape Town, South Africa to Kenya and back. That’s  14 African countries via private and public transportation, hitching, boats, trains, tuk-tuks, boda-bodas, bicycles, and more. I fell in love with travelling and now spend most of my time living in South Africa or on the road.

This is my first conservation or environment-themed project, with most of my previous projects focused on the narratives around HIV/AIDS, human and women’s rights in Afghanistan, and urban histories in Baltimore, MD, USA. I’ve decided to challenge myself in creating this conservation-minded online resource to help protect this globally important region. I have trust in a belief that through exciting and accessible environmental education South African youth will be better able to create the solutions that are needed in this region’s ecological survival.

Ivan Groenhof & Galeo Saintz, Local Collaborators


Together they are the Co-Founders of the Rim of Africa Mountain Passage and are continuously volunteering their time to not only build the Rim of Africa Mountain Passage but help those who want to be involved in local conservation or walking projects. They continually provide extremely valuable local insight, project oversight, and advice for a safe and successful journey.