81 Meals Packed and Ready


expedition of food

This is breakfast, every day, for 27 days… Yummy?

1 cup ProNutro,
1/4 cup ground almonds,
1/4 cup raw vegan protein powder,
2 tbs ground sesame seeds and sunflower seeds,
2 tbs spirulina powder,
2 tbs maca powder,
2 tbs chia seeds,
2 tbs pumpkin seeds,
1 tbs bee pollen, and
one handfull of dried banana, blueberries or cranberries.

Lunch & Dinner (cooked at once, ate throughout the day) is just as inspiring.

1 cup quinoa,
1/5 cheese block,
1 pack tuna,
1/2 pack sun-dried tomato/coriander pesto ,
1/2 pack of instant mashed potatoes,
handful almonds and cashew nuts, and
1/3 bar of dark chocolate.
(I also will be adding sprouts, fish-oil capsules, and some more energy shakes/bars when needed.)

Aren’t you just hungry for this now? Quinoa and porridge from ziplock bags for a month…mmmhmmm. This certainly is a month-long diet that calls for a sushi attack once I am back in Cape Town!

But in all seriousness, this is a huge experiment. I’ve never personally known anyone to go to this length to make sure they are getting so many nutrients as they walk – so now others are waiting to see how I survive it. Normally, I’m vegetarian with the occasional affair with sushi/fish. My choice in diet taught me a lot about eating healthy, paying attention to getting a diverse diet, and got me to explore a lot of healthy options normally left for fringe-dietary groups (raw, vegan, etc). And seeing that everything in the above photo was donated, I can actually go all-out for it.

So let’s see how skinny I am when I return from a month of walking! Until then, enjoy eating all the fresh, textured, flavorful things you can for me!