Gardens for Health International


Located outside of Rwanda’s capital city Kigali, Gardens for Health International partners with rural health clinics to equipt families facing malnutrition with seeds, livestock, and know-how for greater self-sufficiency. With their investment, over one thousand farmers now have the resources to feed themselves and their families in dignity. Continue reading

Journey to Empowerment: Women After the Taliban


A book created in collaboration with Afghan Zareen Taj that tells the stories of many of the women and families that Zareen interviewed on her research trip to Afghanistan. This book does not display the women as merely victims of the oppression they endured, but as resilient survivors actively shaping their lives, communities, and country’s future. This acts as a timely message- about this vulnerable moment as they are still in need of support from the international community. Continue reading



A platform for local experts, many of whom have never had an accessible way to tell their story or publish materials, including a Maasai Natural Healer in Northern Tanzania. Continue reading