“My HIV Promise is ….”

My HIV Promise

A blog for my fundraising efforts for the 2012 AIDS/Lifecycle that will live beyond the ride as an ongoing elicitation project asking “What is your promise to the fight to end the spread and stigma of HIV/AIDS?”. Continue reading

Journey to Empowerment: Women After the Taliban


A book created in collaboration with Afghan Zareen Taj that tells the stories of many of the women and families that Zareen interviewed on her research trip to Afghanistan. This book does not display the women as merely victims of the oppression they endured, but as resilient survivors actively shaping their lives, communities, and country’s future. This acts as a timely message- about this vulnerable moment as they are still in need of support from the international community. Continue reading

H.E.L.P. Malawi

HELP Malawi

Four fund-raising videos created from narratives written by students expressing how the non-governmental organization H.E.L.P. Malawi helps students at their school in rural Malawi.

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