wolf Wolf OR-7 Expedition
UPCOMING! In late 2011 a young male wolf tracked by a GPS collar designated ‘OR-7’ left the Imnaha Pack in NE Oregon and embarked on a 1200-mile dispersal to California, a state where no wolves have been for nearly 90 years. Our expedition retraces his tracks into a modern cultural and physical landscape unaccustomed to wolves.
tboltkid rim of africa Rim of Africa Multimedia Trail Journal
I’ve walked over 400 miles in the mountains of South Africa, completing the first trek of the entire Rim of Africa Mountain Passage, to create the Rim of Africa Multimedia Trail Journal: a locally informed, interactive resource designed to educate South African youth on the Cape Floristic Region and conservation through the story of creating Africa’s first Mega-Trail.
J2E: WAT  Journey to Empowerment : Women After the Taliban
A book and photo exhibition made in collaboration with a Zareen Taj, an activist living in the USA to champion Women’s and Hazara rights.
GreatGuides.Org GreatGuides.Org
A platform for local experts, many of whom never had an accessible way to tell their story or publish materials, including a Maasai Natural Healer in Northern Tanzania.
My HIV Promise My HIV Promise
Fundraising blog created to raise money for the 2012 AIDS/Lifecycle Ride that allows participants to submit promises in response to “What is your promise in the fight to end the spread and stigma of HIV/AIDS?”.
GHI Gardens for Health International
Located outside of Rwanda’s capital city Kigali, GHI works uses agricultural solutions to health problems. I’ve worked with Gardens for Health International to create new print, web, and video marketing materials. 
HELP Malawi H.E.L.P. Malawi
Fundraising videos created from narratives written by students expressing how the N.G.O. helped students at their school in rural Malawi.
Grootbos Foundation Grootbos Foundation
The Grootbos Foundation strives to make conservation able to financially ‘earn it’s keep’ as well as be accessible to the poor so all people can learn and value it’s preservation. These fundraising videos were made for their website and tied together to produce a DVD.