An Inspiring Journey


How does traveling by foot for seven years sound to you?

Paul Salopek is retracing the expansion of humans across the globe, walking 21,000 miles to document the story at “a human pace” (3 miles/hour). I’m so jealous and happy to follow along with the updates. Check out the project website

Some of my favorite media bits are below.

An audio recording of the a typical exchange of greetings

Paul’s kit while walking :

His cameleer’s: a jile (Afar knife), iron-tipped ax, spare shire (Afar sarong), windbreaker, two cakes of soap, “Scissors” brand matches, ball of tobacco, spare turban/wrap, water bottle.

Another cameleer’s: spare shire, water bottle, snuff in plastic women’s cosmetics jar, spare turban/wrap.