“Snowbound” by Gene Weingarten
This story, written by the typically humorous writer and editor at the Washington Post Magazine, grabbed my attention when it was published in May of 2005. I remember skipping class to post questions to Gene Weingarten during the Monday Q/A period the next day and spending about a week mesmerized by the story and images. I still have my original copy, and remember getting half-way through my first read before the thought hit me: “This is what I want to do.”
The Freedom Charter
A declaration of principles of the people, written in 1955 by those opposed to the Apartheid government of South Africa. “Freedom demands” were collected from the townships by thousands of volunteers before the document was drafted and then later adopted by over three thousand people that took place in the “People’s Congress of Kliptown”. The gathering was then disbanded by the police, but the manifesto lived on to inspire the new “Rainbow Nation” formed from the democratic elections of 1994.


Nelson Mandela

Harvey Milk

Jean Rouch

Edward Abbey
David Wojnarowicz