Multimedia documentary producer

Jay Simpson, a National Geographic Young Explorer and multimedia documentary producer trained in anthropology, collaborates with experts and practitioners facing social challenges to utilize multimedia storytelling as an intervention tool to encourage behavior change. He has created multimedia projects and awareness materials related to HIV/AIDS, women’s rights, urban issues, and conservation challenges with local communities, experts, and non-profits across the United States and Southern and East Africa.

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Awards & Achievements

2012 National Geographic Society Young Explorer Grant.
2012 Featured in National Geographic’s Best Explorer Moments of 2012.
2012 First complete trek of +400 mile Rim of Africa Mountain Passage, South Africa.
2009 Most Distinguished Scholar in Anthropology Award.
2009 Nominee for Beulah M. Price Scholarship.
2007 Honorable Mention, Media Art’s Festival at Towson University.


2009 B.S. Anthropology and B.S. Film, Video, & Digital Media,
Towson University, MD, USA


Wolf OR-7 Journey Expedition (Project Website)
Upcoming! In late 2011 a young male wolf tracked by a GPS collar designated ‘OR-7’ left the Imnaha Pack in NE Oregon and embarked on a 1200-mile dispersal to California, a state where no wolves have been for nearly 90 years. Our expedition shares his story and celebrates the collaborations between conservation groups, state officials, other related groups that have made his journey possible.

Rim of Africa Multimedia Trail Journal (Project Website)
In Progress! I’ve walked over 400 miles in the mountains of South Africa, completing the first trek of the entire Rim of Africa Mountain Passage, to create the Rim of Africa Multimedia Trail Journal: a locally informed, interactive resource designed to educate South African youth on the Cape Floristic Region and conservation through the story of creating Africa’s first Mega-Trail.

Journey to Empowerment: Women After the Taliban (Online Book)
A book and photo exhibition made in collaboration with a Zareen Taj, an activist living in the USA to champion Women’s and Hazara rights.

  • Conception, design, and editing of book text, images, and layout.
  • Conception, management of printing and framing, and publicity materials for photo exhibition.

GreatGuides.Org: (Project Website)
A platform for local experts, many of whom never had an accessible way to tell their story or publish materials, including a Maasai Natural Healer in Northern Tanzania.

  • Design, production, and maintenance of travel blog of year-long journey from Cape Town, South Africa to Kenya and back.
  • Develop social marketing, business plan, and production resources.

My HIV Promise:
Fundraising blog created to raise money for the 2012 AIDS/Lifecycle Ride that allows participants to submit promises in response to “What is your promise in the fight to end the spread and stigma of HIV/AIDS?”.

  • Creation, maintenance, promotion of website.

H.E.L.P. Malawi Children’s Video Series
Fundraising videos created from narratives written by students expressing how the N.G.O. helped students at their school in rural Malawi.

  • Lead youth workshop to script, act, and produce videos.
  • Film and edit videos for YouTube and DVD Distribution.

Urban Voices:
Interviews with residents, recounting their community’s and personal histories, to build a unique archive of cultural history in the Historic Sharp Leadenhall neighborhood in South Baltimore.

  • Film, edit, and mentor others in media production.
  • Prepare conference presentations from collected materials.

Presentations and Screenings

“Oppression of Hazara in Afghanistan”

  • 2011 Women’s Voices From the Muslim World
  • 2010 Screened at Hazara Conference in Afghanistan with President Hamid Karzai in attendance
  • 2010 Opening film at Hazara Asylum Rally in Australia
  • 2009 Women and Minorities Media Festival at Towson University
  • 2009 Materiality Conference at the University of Florida

“Urban Voices: Historic Sharp Leadenhall”

  • 2009 American Anthropological Association Conference (Presented by Dr. Matthew Durington)
  • 2009 Towson University Undergraduate Research Expo


Work Experience 

Web, Media and Marketing Coordinator

GreatGuides.Org, 2009 – 2012

  • Develop and manage social marketing.
  • Analyze and engage Search Engine Optimization.
  • Develop and maintain information architecture and user experience.
  • Create video, audio, and online media products.
  • Create production guides for use within organization.

Media & Communications Producer

Gardens for Health International, 2011 – 2012

  • Create print, photo, video, and online marketing materials.
  • Analyze and further develop social marketing.


Apple, Inc, 2011

  • Leader for customer education workshops and youth workshops.
  • Trainer for new employees and leader within “RedZone”.
  • Organizer for store staff events(≈160people).

Online Content Coordinator and Research Assistant

Anthropology by the Wire, 2011

  • Created website and project summary video.
  • Instructed students in media production, research methods, and online distribution.

Research Assistant

Towson Metropolitan Ethnography Project, Towson University 2009

  • Instructed students in media production, research methods, and online distribution.

Webmaster & Graphic Designer

Office of Drug, Alcohol and Health Education, George Mason University 2009

  • Redesigned all office print and online materials and created a health education cards resource for various health topics.
  • Developed social marketing strategy and online presence.

Webmaster & Graphic Designer

Office of Student Activities, Towson University 2008-2009

  • Create all print, textile, road signage, and online marketing materials.
  • Update website information and maintain the University’s standards.
  • Developed marketing-request system for staff within office.
  • Instructed other staff members in basic HTML editing.

Supervisor of Design, Marketing & Communications

Campus Recreation Services, Towson University 2007- 2008

  • Maintain and further develop office website.
  • Create all print, textile, and online marketing materials.
  • Developed marketing-request system for staff within office.
  • Lead basic HTML/Adobe Dreamweaver workshops for office staff.


  • Video production for online and DVD distribution.
  • Studio, documentary, landscape, event, and candid photography.
  • Field and studio audio recording, mixing, and MP3 rendering.
  • Online project collaboration and multimedia presentations.
  • Online marketing utilizing website analytics and search engine optimization.
  • Social media production, strategies, and advertising.
  • Website design using HTML and CSS coding and WordPress CMS.