An Inspiring Journey

Paul Salopek is retracing the expansion of humans across the globe, walking 21,000 miles to document the story at “a human pace” (3 miles/hour). I’m so jealous and happy to follow along with the updates.

Adventure Every Week

In thanks to the fine members of the “hudson adventure society” for letting me join them for a day of exploring local quarries and forests, I want to remind everyone a good rule of thumb:


don’t let my evening of hiding from loud illegal fireworks and trying to play Taylor Swift at the local dive bar mislead you- I take the coming of a new year seriously.

return to cape town

i am working for again– doing website design tweaks, user-experience designing, media production, and more. it’s good to be involved again after being out of the loop for most of the last year and …

life high

There are some moments in life worth sharing – this is one of them.

why i’m here

this trip to africa was all so i could come to ndera, rwanda. it’s just outside of the capital city kigali and but is just like most of rwanda– full of subsistence farmers that live …


off the plane, the bus, the taxi and into the maasai country of kenya. we headed out with my friend to see his family, who i had met last year.