Stories are important. Storytellers momentarily manifest a world filled with the artifacts of their experience, open for listeners to explore. As listeners, we enter these stories in exchange for our empathy —our effort to understand, to give compassion, or solidarity— because only through story can we experience the world beyond our own perspective.


Our minds are wired to find associations, patterns, and connections between the things we observe, ourselves, and our environment.

“My HIV Promise is ….”

A blog for my fundraising efforts for the 2012 AIDS/Lifecycle that will live beyond the ride as an ongoing elicitation project asking “What is your promise to the fight to end the spread and stigma of …

Gardens for Health International

Located outside of Rwanda’s capital city Kigali, Gardens for Health International partners with rural health clinics to equipt families facing malnutrition with seeds, livestock, and know-how for greater self-sufficiency. With their investment, over one thousand farmers …

why i’m here

this trip to africa was all so i could come to ndera, rwanda. it’s just outside of the capital city kigali and but is just like most of rwanda– full of subsistence farmers that live …